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Research has shown that the brain is capable of changing and adapting throughout a person's lifetime, which means that cognitive abilities can improve with targeted interventions. Anyone who is struggling with cognitive processes, such as attention, memory, language, reasoning, or problem-solving, may benefit from cognitive mediation. This can include individuals with learning disabilities, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, stroke, aging-related cognitive decline, and other neurological conditions.

Cognitive mediation techniques can vary depending on the individual's needs and diagnosis. Our cognitive mediators at Cognitive Connections Clinic can help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies to overcome challenges and improve their overall cognitive functioning. IQ is not stagnant. Scientific studies prove that the brain is modifiable with licensed mediators.

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Genius is perseverance in disguise.   

~ Mike Newlin

Rega! Hoshvim!" (A Second! Thinking!).   

~ Salah Shabati, written by Ephraim Kishon

A lack of cognitive skills does not signify an inability to learn. It denotes a starting point for new connections.

~ Yvette Blanchard

For God has not given us a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind.  

~ 2 Timothy 17