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It is our assertion that the brain and IQ are not stagnant but can be changed with the right tools. “Everyone-regardless of age, etymology, or disability has the immeasurable ability to enhance their aptitude and heighten their intelligence,” (R. Feuerstein, protege of Jean Piaget and clinical developmental and cognitive psychologist). Presently, IQ strictly measures what we know, not what we can know or have the capacity to know. 

Cognitive Connections Clinic, LLC, a division of The Reading Center, LLC, specializes in cognitive mediational approaches that address academic or social struggles, disorders, and/or disabilities. We encourage individuals to think of all learners as having the potential to change or adapt, and regulate the way they learn, think, and apply their skills in a different context. Our clinic aims to teach the learner how to learn in order to adapt their learning for different skills, situations and circumstances. Structural Cognitive Modifiability is the outcome that is produced when an individual’s cognitive dysfunctions are addressed so that they can function autonomously in various situations and circumstances with a greater capacity to achieve the desired success. With more than 2,000 scientific research and published studies and countless case studies conducted, (spanning various populations of all ages and conditions), neuroscience has confirmed that the brain can be changed and structurally modified. 

The Reading Centers, LLC. deliver a unique approach to reading is layered with the understanding that individuals are not innately wired for reading. Our methodology approaches reading through the understanding of sounds and speech correlation to unlock the potential to network the brain to translate and sequence it accordingly. Additionally, our progressive morphology and grammar components will boost the individuals’ understanding of content, and enrich vocabulary and comprehension skills. 

Screening, Testing & Dynamic Cognitive Testing For All Ages

Young  man student study at home. He using laptop and learning online.

For children and teens, learning difficulties can significantly impact their academic performance and social development, causing frustration and feelings of inadequacy. We strive to empower these individuals by providing them with evidence-based interventions that target their specific needs and challenges. By utilizing multi-sensory, systematic instruction and cognitive skill building with functional remediation, we help them develop the skills they need to be successful in school and in their daily lives.

Identify Your Specific Challenges As An Adult

For adults, difficulties with learning, attention, and memory can manifest in a variety of ways, affecting their job performance and quality of life. We work with our adult clients to identify their specific challenges and develop personalized intervention plans to help them overcome these obstacles. Our highly trained and licensed mediators provide individualized support to help clients improve their cognitive skills, build confidence, and achieve their goals.

Senior man and young boy with tattoo smiling and looking together at laptop at home. Happy nephew teaching and showing new computer technology to his old grandfather. Old man learn to use computer.
We understand that every client is unique and requires a personalized approach to intervention. Our team of experts carefully evaluates each client to determine their specific needs and challenges, and we develop individualized plans based on their unique profile. Our methods of intervention are evidence-based, and we  continuously monitor and evaluate the progress of our clients to ensure that they are making meaningful gains.

Our Commitment

At our core, we are committed to providing our clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed. We believe in a holistic approach to intervention that takes into account the individual's unique strengths, challenges, and goals. By empowering our clients to develop the skills they need to thrive, we help them reach their full potential and achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Every creative act of ours in relationship to other people-an act of love, of pity, of help, of peacemaking-not merely has a future but eternal.    

~ Nicholas Berdyaev

It is absolute perfection....to know how...to get the very most out of one's own individuality. 

~ Michel de Montaigne

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn......and changed.

~ Carl Rogers

Whoever teaches his son teaches not alone his son but also his son's son, and so on to the end of generations. 

~ Hebrew Proverbs